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Empowering our clients with lower costs through advanced energy solutions

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We are a commercial energy brokerage committed to enhancing our clients’ operations through innovative, cost-effective, and sustainable energy practices.

How it Works

Your Partners In Energy Procurement

We maintain strong relationships with a diverse group of energy suppliers in order to offer our clients every opportunity.

After a consultation, we’ll analyze all of the options available and present you with a selection of solutions that will best suit your business.

Our goal is to find the best solution possible for our clients, which will maximize their potential savings and minimize their exposure to a volatile energy market.

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Comprehensive Energy Solutions

We offer a range of ancillary services that enable our clients to access energy solutions that are both sustainable and cost effective.


LED light bulbs are a more cost-effective and sustainable option that can replace your current bulbs at no cost to you, depending on local rebates and incentives.


Meretz can help you take steps toward sustainability and make your property more attractive to a wider audience with this elevated amenity.


We source limited anchor tenant availability on community solar farms so that our clients can utilize cost-effective, renewable energy with guaranteed savings on their energy supply.


Delivering Brilliance,
Enabling Success

From lowering costs to elevating facility performance, everything we do is in service of our clients. Responsiveness, innovation, and transparency are key factors in the long term partnerships we build. Our management team has more than 30 years of combined industry experience, working across 16 states and 130 utilities, which gives us the expertise necessary to serve a variety of clients, including national nonprofit organizations, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, and real estate developers.

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States we currently service

We enable clients all over the country to power their operations with more cost-effective, sustainable energy solutions.